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i have a gift/curse....... i like to call it: "the inversion field". it makes lovers out of enemies and vice versa........ note to self: dating is just asking to be flogged hung off a cross....... i know how people end up hardened liars....... im not even having sex with any of them and already the roasting process is in full effect....... been a long time since i told some one to fukkoff! yikes!!!!!!! i dont drink anymore, so, noone has seen my asshole side in a really long time....... i need some one who's bipolar cycle is matched to mine....... rantrantrant....... could coogelee moogelee! im insane and wonder if i wasnt killed many years ago.......
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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! And all that!

OK, so this has been a long time coming....... Before anyone had a name for it, i was an East Tennessee electro freeeekr!
Place: Presbo-Bible Camp (banner Elk North Carolina).......
Time: either late 1977 or early 1978.
My councilor was a film major obsessed with Kubrick. His friend (another film major) loaned me a tape of "Trans Europe Express" by Kraftwerk. Can you say: *GAME OVER*? Good, i knew you could! Although, i will never denounced my ProgRock roots (Yes,ELP,and Et Cetera), i feel like Kraftwerk (et Moroder) along with super early DeVo,The THeads (both Eno produced), and the Japanese band: The Plastics formulated much of my outlook on future music (well ok, i liked TangDream as well, but cant we just lump them with Prog? Please?) Footnote: Then again, there was also a little thing called punk.......
At the beginning of 78 i started smoking weed, by the end of 79 i was doing a ton of barbiturates, Quaaludes, and amphetamines, as a result the "BlackSabbathCool" slowly crept in, sinking into a dark haze....... By 81 Krafwerk was again a preoccupation. This time it was "The Man Machine", twaz great fun to get high to, although, the cover would guarantee you an ass whoopin in Johnson City, Tennessee....... So, what you might wonder is the whole point of this rant and rank pullin?
Well, True believers, there is a point! Here goes: There are a lotta people out there who make no bones about giving me (and many others im sure) total shit about how dated my "Electroclash" style is....... FTI: i really liked that ElectroClash shared a very similar (parallel) obsession with 70z and 80z electronic and punk music (und fashion) (esp. early Human League, The Screamers, Delta5 and Fad Gadget). my fashion and interest have been permutating since the mid Eighties: Electro, First Wave (Industrial), Classical Experimental Electronic, Acid House, Goth, RaveBrakes, GrindeMetal, ProgRock, (very)Early House, (post)Punk, Jungle, Dub, HipHop, DHR and Etceteras.......
Kinda wanna say: Thank god these people are jumping ship! i love everybody (well, im not a big fan of people that victimize others, but i still love the spark of goodness that is in there somewhere). in my eyes, electro is pretty much timeless: Futurism detached from the timeline. i love tons of other music, this trend business pisses me off, it kinda seems like a ploy: trade in your synthpunk cool for your Bay City Rollers/VanHallen cool....... No deal here, like both just fine.......
One thing I will not miss: the nasty attitude that came with this last wave. Negative fixation is understandable, being nasty to nice people because its "cool" is not!!!!!!! Think Acid House (even though im a straightedger) is a much better template! Maybee even PLUR!
This last part is dedicated to FLUTTER, think you are onto something good, keep up the good work! You got me thinking about the days when being nice and being/looking interesting was "cool". Thanks! :)
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my thoughts on dots: if i were a black dot, i would want a white background....... but, if i were a flourescent/blackandwhiteopart kinda dot, id want a matching background........ BTW: i love you all!
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Ever had one of those days where you do the same thing over and over with a slight variation in hopes that one of the variations will solve the problem? kinda makes me respect research chemists....... the invention of plastic was an accident....... think it solidified in a drain, still i bet they were pissed at the plumbing rates....... oh, tra la!
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Home Again, Home Again! Jiggety Jigg!!!!!!!

My DSL is back and in full effect! Hurray! The first day of Oracle World was a success! My piece seemed to be well recieved....... i would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people that make my life worth living!
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new additions to the "Angolish" language.......

the first: Tromedy (combining equal parts comedy and tragedy)
The second: Clupid (the word used to define the fine line between clever and stupid)
Both, together, describe "The Three Stooges" and real life....... to the T! Am i bitter you ask? No, just dealing with the clupid tromedy!
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saying for the day:

I ain't yo baby daddy....... I'm yo daddy baby! Could it be any wronger? No, no it could not....... "Answer Me!" Hahaha! BTW: that magazine is a plethora of bad memes it is to serial killaz whut Penthouse forum is to fourteen year old boys: under the mattress lit!